Social value guide: where are we now?

From 14h00 to 15h00
  • This year, changes to the Social Value Act 2012 have seen a revolutionary shift in how central government contracts are structured, with social value delivery being an essential focus for all procurement activities. Understanding how to define social value, how to incorporate it into contracts and ensure the delivery of it through those contracts is positioned as a central pillar of the government’s recovery plans and their ambitions for levelling-up across the country.


    Back in March 2021, Eunomia and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK released a guide for local authorities, to assist and support them on their move to not only incorporating but maximising the social value of their environmental services. The guide makes a series of recommendations as to how social value may be incorporated through the stages of a contract life-cycle, and, through examples shared by local authorities actively delivering social value, shares insight and explanation of how this can be effectively delivered.


    Six months on, our panel convene to critique, assess and evaluate the toolkit, assisted by representatives of local authorities with real-life experience of managing the planning, tender and procurement, and delivery stages of public sector contracts. This one-hour webinar will review the best-practice guidance of how to incorporate and deliver social value through waste and recycling collection, street cleansing and other environmental services.


    Free to attend, this one-hour webinar is aims to:

    • Provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities
    • Share practical examples of how to incorporate and deliver social value
    • Ensure that the guidance offered is tried, tested and proven best practice for local authorities



    • Local authorities with experience of delivering social value through their waste and recycling
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
    • Eunomia
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