Water network efficiency

Against a backdrop of ever-stricter regulatory, economic and environmental demands, water utilities and authorities face the challenges of safeguarding water quality, managing water stress and achieving network efficiency. Through our range of innovative monitoring and real-time control technologies, SUEZ can help you harness data to secure full network efficiency.
Optimise wastewater treatment with intelligent control

Taking intelligent control of your wastewater treatment plant means using real-time monitoring to ensure complete system efficiency and compliance at the lowest energy cost.


Our Advanced Aeration Control platform is suitable for most wastewater treatment plants, and has been successfully installed in a wide range of biological treatment systems. These vary in size from relatively small 30,000 PE to very large, 2,800,000 PE.

Real-time network management

At SUEZ, we have developed a suite of software solutions for water utilities seeking to improve management of drinking water. The modules in our Aquadvanced suite address various challenges:

  • Real-time management of water networks – an advanced analytics tool for monitoring water quality and losses in distribution networks in real time. The system enables utilities to monitor their drinking water networks remotely and continuously, improve overall operational efficiency, and deliver excellent service.
  • Real-time energy management and optimisation of pump operations – a proven real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks. This system helps reduce energy costs while maximising operational performance and water quality as well as energy efficiency.
  • Real-time management and monitoring of sewerage systems – Managing your network is easier with real-time visibility and advanced warning of abnormal events and risks.. This real-time software solution predicts when events such as flooding will occur, and assesses the best strategy for minimising the effects and maximising capacity.
Leak detection with satellite imaging technology
For more than 20 years, satellite imaging technology has been used to detect the presence of water on distant planets. By analysing images of the earth’s surface captured via satellite, SUEZ can locate leaks in water networks with greater efficiency and accuracy.
Smart metering

For over a decade, SUEZ has been the European leader in smart water metering, supporting the digital transformation of cities and services.


Our sustainable innovations support agile and accurate decision-making. Smart metering delivers operational efficiencies and customer service benefits.

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