Based on decades of research and experience, SUEZ has developed a suite of process, water and wastewater treatment technologies, including many patented systems. So we can offer a comprehensive set of solutions to help you meet stringent environmental and permitting requirements, and whatever water purity standards are required. Our systems and equipment are also designed to make best use of water resources and recover value from wastewater and by-products.
How we can help

Our equipment and systems can help you:

  • Create a sustainable water supply and optimise your processes to increase re-use and reduce discharges.
  • Reduce energy consumption and your environmental footprint with innovative membrane solutions.
  • Improve uptime while reducing maintenance and costs.
  • Treat challenging source water while helping you meet or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Treat and recover valuable products from waste streams.
  • Better manage produced water.
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SUEZ offers the most comprehensive set of chemical and equipment solutions and services available, helping our customers manage and optimize their water resources and process challenges across industries and municipalities.

Charles CampbellSales Director UK & Ireland - Chemical Monitoring & Solutions | SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions


Good process management can significantly reduce odours from wastewater treatment, but in many cases special measures are required. SUEZ provides the most advanced biological solutions for controlling these emissions.

Our advanced treatment systems help SUEZ customers manage and recover energy from biosolids, while meeting tightening discharge requirements. Exploiting advances in microbiology and other technologies, we design and construct comprehensive solutions – from anaerobic digestion to thermal oxidation.

SUEZ provides systems for the disinfection of water in all industries and applications including recreational, ornamental and life support. The technologies most commonly used involve ozone, ultraviolet light and the advanced oxidation process.

SUEZ uses deionisation to remove total dissolved solids, ensuring a pure water stream for applications from manufacturing to boilers.

SUEZ membranes purify water, recover valuable assets and reduce costs for our customers. The membranes we manufacture are designed for a range of applications ¬– from purifying water to industrial processes and food and beverage production.
Zero liquid discharge

Many industrial processes produce wastewaters that are tough to treat. But tight environmental regulations, rigorous permitting and restrictions on water availability, along with cost and other factors, are driving demand for zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions.