Good process management can significantly reduce odours from wastewater treatment, but in many cases special measures are required. SUEZ provides the most advanced biological solutions for controlling these emissions.
Advanced biofilter for odour control

Biofiltration is a biological treatment commonly used to remove the contaminants responsible for malodorous air produced by wastewater treatment works.


SUEZ’s Advanced Biofilter is considered the best available technology for the treatment of odorous emissions. This biofiltration processes uses two-phase media.


Inorganic phase: provides a consistent and strong mechanical structure. Geometrically uniform with high porosity, it allows an even distribution of air flow and reduces head loss.


Organic phase: a sterile coating around the inorganic phase provides a suitable support for the microorganisms, which are later inoculated. This medium is odourless and does not suffer degradation by biological decomposition, minimising the production of waste.


The benefits of this advanced biofilter are significant:

  • The effectiveness of deodorisation is maximised by using a specifically selected range of microorganisms.
  • More efficient purification due to the two-phase media.
  • Less head loss leading to lower ventilation energy costs.
  • Higher and more consistent cleaning efficiency.
  • No chemicals used – so the process is environmentally friendly.
Activated sludge

SUEZ specialists can optimise the activated sludge process

As part of our initial assessment, we perform a microscopic examination. The findings are used to assess the overall health of the plant, changes that may have occurred in the influent, process conditions (F/M, sludge age) and any problems within the activated sludge process (such as low dissolved oxygen, under/overloading, nutrient deficiency, toxicity).
Membrane bioreactor

Membrane bioreactors offer operational and economic advantages over conventional wastewater treatment plants. Using SUEZ’s membrane technology, these systems eliminate the need for secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment. The quality of treated wastewater is also higher.


A membrane bioreactor combines a biological treatment step, usually activated sludge, with a membrane step, usually a low-pressure ultrafiltration or microfiltration membrane for wastewater treatment.


SUEZ is a world leader in membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology with over 1,000 plants installed worldwide.

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