Zero liquid discharge

Many industrial processes produce wastewaters that are tough to treat. But tight environmental regulations, rigorous permitting and restrictions on water availability, along with cost and other factors, are driving demand for zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions.
Thermal and zero liquid discharge solutions

SUEZ’s Zero Liquid Discharge systems eliminate liquid waste streams from our customers’ plants and produce high-purity water for re-use.


In many cases, a plant’s water consumption can be reduced by up to 90% – saving you money and helping to protect the environment. We may even be able to capture valuable by-products and sell them to offset your costs.


SUEZ is continually developing new thermal solutions and ZLD technologies. Our specialists also often combine thermal products with other brine concentration technologies to provide the optimal solution for your water treatment and end-product requirements.


Our extensive global experience can help you rise to the challenges of stringent discharge regulations, process optimisation and more cost-effective water and wastewater management.

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