Design, engineering and project management

With many plants built and installed globally and thousands of operating years behind us, SUEZ is uniquely placed to deliver your new water plant. Drawing on our multi-sector industrial experience, we are better able to understand your requirements, and then to design and operate a water treatment system to meet those needs.
Total project lifecycle management

Our design and construction engineers provide expert support at every stage of your project – from planning, feasibility studies and design through building to commissioning and operating your water treatment facilities.


Our experience ensures that your new plant not only meets the expected technical performance levels, but also your planned return on investment.

Experienced and dedicated project teams

SUEZ assembles an expert team to manage all stages of the plant design and construction process:

  • Engineering, equipment specification and construction.
  • Process design, procurement, site supervision and equipment assembly.
  • Commissioning and start-up.


Our approach will also provide you with assurance in terms of:

  • Health and safety, ergonomics and compliance.
  • Performance, planning, reliability and integration into the environment.
  • Capital and operating costs, and total cost of ownership.
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