Revamping and upgrades

Research and development is spurring advances in the management and treatment of water and wastewater. SUEZ customers can access the latest technology and solutions over the lifecycle of their facilities.
Making the case for continuous improvement

We invest more than £50 million each year in research and development, continuously improving our current products by exploiting the latest technologies. This means you will always have access to the best available solutions over the entire lifecycle of your facility.


Our customers can take advantage of the latest technology and product advancements when upgrading or refurbishing the plant and equipment in their facilities.


SUEZ engineers and technicians will help you prepare a business case for revamping or upgrading your plant. This will focus on:

  • Improvements in efficiency, emissions or water quality.
  • The strongest returns on investment.
  • Simplifying operations, and time or labour savings.
  • Increased robustness and assured continuity of operation.
  • Enhanced sustainability and long-term financial savings.


We develop products and systems with previous models in mind to ensure that our existing customers can always upgrade to the latest technology. Whether you have an older product, dated hardware and software, or even a system provided by another vendor, our specialist team will design a cost-effective upgrade solution for your plant.

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