Mobile water treatment

A flexible solution for ensuring water production continuity and wastewater treatment.

Industrial production managers have to balance operating costs with investment capacity, while continuing to meet production needs and environmental considerations.


Where new capacity cannot be provided – due to time or capital expenditure constraints – SUEZ provides a flexible rental solution. Our mobile, modular units for process water production and wastewater treatment are a scalable alternative, so your plant can adapt quickly to variations in production levels and operational activity.


Our mobile water treatment solution provides an ideal temporary solution in various challenging situations.

Maintaining water and wastewater treatment when systems fail

With our mobile fleet solution, SUEZ enables every industry to continue producing demineralised water in the event of a system failure. We also provide essential effluent treatment services to meet environmental discharge standards.


For an emergency response, call 07799 772775

SUEZ Mobile Service Offering Overview - EU

Credit: SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions

Anticipating production fluctuations

Our mobile solution gives you the flexibility to replace or complement permanent water treatment facilities. Whether as a response to unexpected fluctuations in demand or changes in operations, mobile treatment provides a reliable supply of process water and drinking water, as well as disposal and treatment of wastewater.


Advantages of mobile water treatment:

  • Simple, flexible and reliable solutions.
  • High level of quality and safety (ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001).
  • Adaptable lease period to suit your needs.
  • Fast-acting teams: We handle emergency situations and can provide a solution within 48 hours.
  • Guarantee of required water quality and quantity.
Water treatment without CapEx

Our mobile water treatment solution enables you to provide process water or to treat effluent without any need for significant capital investment.


SUEZ containerised mobile water treatment units – which can be delivered directly to your site by road or sea – are standardised to reduce development, assembly, transportation, and commissioning costs. We also provide staff training and maintenance services to guarantee water quality and quantity.


Mobile pre-treatment solutions include:

  • Flotation
  • Settling
  • Cartridge filters
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Sand filters


Demineralisation by reverse osmosis:

  • Ion exchange units with external or in-situ regeneration



  • Electro-deionisation
  • Ion exchange
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