Wastewater treatment

We help companies achieve and sustain the highest standards across the entire industrial water cycle. SUEZ research and wastewater expertise are also making our customers’ processes more sustainable.

Failure at any stage of the effluent management process can compromise operational efficiency, site safety and the local environment. Breach of discharge consents may lead to prosecution or even plant closure.


With extensive experience in industrial water management, SUEZ provides a comprehensive range of services – troubleshooting, consultancy, treatment, design, construction, operations, maintenance and optimisation – to businesses in all sectors.


We help companies, whatever their scale, to achieve and sustain the highest standards across the entire industrial water cycle – even returning water to the environment cleaner than when it was extracted.


With our help, you can:

  • Control your site’s effluent discharge and be assured of compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Employ the latest, most efficient aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment technology.
  • Ensure your systems are running to their optimal level.
Our capabilities

Our capabilities encompass every aspect of the effluent management process, from the development and manufacture of chemicals to the provision of laboratory testing services.


This expertise is backed up by ongoing research and development, which helps us support our customers better in the face of changing business and regulatory requirements, and rising water costs. It also ensures they can avail of advances in process and treatment technology. Globally, SUEZ invests more than €70 million a year in our research programme, developing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, reliability, longevity and security of our customers’ water and wastewater operations. Our UK innovation centres are located in Daventry and Grangemouth.


Effective management of effluent streams plays an increasingly important role in helping customers meet their sustainability objectives. Our holistic approach identifies performance improvement opportunities across their processes, from water saving and energy recovery to the re-use of wastewater in process systems.

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