HPI / CPI process treatment

A range of SUEZ chemicals are designed to support more reliable and cost-effective operations in the hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries. Our solutions address phase separation, corrosion, fouling and fuel refining.
Phase separation
An effective phase separation programme facilitates water/hydrocarbon separation and addresses the formation of emulsions and foam. Our phase separation technology helps to maintain process throughput and sustain reliable operations while ensuring high-quality process waters are sent to waste treatment.
Corrosion control
Equipment failures due to corrosion increase costs and lead to unplanned and disruptive shutdowns. Our portfolio of corrosion control chemistries expands operating flexibility and prevents corrosive salt formation, so your plant can maintain its high throughput.
Fouling control
Like corrosion, fouling is a major culprit disrupting the smooth and efficient operation of water and wastewater treatment systems. Moreover, fouling often is not detected until it is too late. Our portfolio of chemistries allows you to control fouling and pre-empt problems, so you can maintain maximum throughput and system efficiency.
Finished product additives
It is a challenge for fuel refineries to consistently achieve fuel specifications and do so cost-effectively., Our line of finished product additives help by increasing flexibility while optimising fuel blends. These additives improve refinery profitability by enabling production of the most appropriate fuel option.
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) scavengers
Our specialised chemicals react selectively with H2S and remove it, helping you meet product and process specifications. Our sulphide scavengers are designed to be a cost-effective solution for a variety of specific operating conditions and product compositions.
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