Industrial process treatment

SUEZ speciality chemicals play an important supporting role in a variety of industrial processes – not least by controlling dust, enhancing equipment fuels, and combatting scale formation in water and wastewater treatment.
Dust control
Suppressing dust is a major challenge for the mining, minerals, and power industries. Our unique offerings include patented antioxidants, dust control binders, and high-performance foam application systems that address both dust from roads and coal.
Scale control
Where scaling occurs within water and wastewater systems their performance can be seriously affected. Our family of scale control products controls scale formation and fouling caused by several culprits, including: calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and zinc phosphate.
Fuel treatment
An effective fuel treatment programme can increase fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and protect equipment from failure due to corrosion. Our solutions for fuel treatment allow customers to get more from the fuel they use and, in some cases, switch to a less expensive option without sacrificing reliability or environmental compliance.
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