Water treatment

Specifying the right chemical treatment can secure the most cost-effective route to compliance or operational efficiency, and maximise your investment returns on plant and equipment. SUEZ chemicals are specially formulated for various applications, including boilers and cooling towers, membranes and wastewater.
Optimising the chemistry of your boiler system will prolong the life of your physical assets and enhance process productivity. Our chemical water treatment solutions address common boiler problems – such as corrosion, deposition, and steam purity – while enhancing the efficiency of heat transfer and steam generation.
Corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth can disrupt cooling tower operations, leading to increased costs, equipment failure, and emergency shutdowns. Our broad portfolio of chemistries addresses these issues – not least our best-in-class GenGard* technology, a sophisticated corrosion additive that is effective across the entire pH spectrum.
Membrane chemicals
Membranes are extremely effective in both water and wastewater treatment applications, but their performance relies on an effective chemicals programme. Our full chemical portfolio includes chemistries that clean membranes, maintain reverse-osmosis membrane performance, and enhance their resistance to scale-forming substances.
Whatever your challenges, SUEZ specialist teams understand the opportunities available to create sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment. Our chemistries treat severely impaired water for re-use or safe discharge, solving problems such as heavy metals, nitrates, and odours.
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