Smart metering

For over a decade, SUEZ has been the European leader in smart water metering, supporting the digital transformation of cities and services. Our sustainable innovations support agile and accurate decision-making. Smart metering delivers operational efficiencies and customer service benefits.
Manage distribution network performance in real time

A new generation of smart networks

Working with you, we achieve more efficient management of distribution networks by continuously monitoring and improving network performance in real time.


SUEZ smart metering solutions can be used together or separately for any possible remote reading scenario.

Smart metering

With experience connecting millions of objects, SUEZ is uniquely placed to support the digital transformation of cities and data sharing across various services.

Smart Metering - SUEZ

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This data logging solution reduces costs and provides data on water consumption for water utilities, large commercial consumers and isolated locations. Connected directly to the water meter, the iMeter transmits consumption data and any alarms detected to the server via a secure GPRS network. It can provide a range of information, from water network leakage control to consumption control for businesses.

Information obtained:

  • Up-to-date calculations of water flow volumes.
  • Battery level in each connection, enabling preventive maintenance.
  • Real-time identification and warnings of configured alarm conditions.
  • Data logging: storage of data in the internal memory until transmission.

The iMeter gives excellent value for both Bristol Water and the respective customer. The logger enables us to improve decision making on the operation of the Network as it provides greater information on key customers.

Frank van der KleijHead of Asset Risk and Planning | Bristol Water


VHF is a long-range AMI (fixed network) technology, using EU 169MHz bandwidth, and giving optimal balance of power consumption and radius. Meter data is transferred rapidly, securely and frequently to central concentrators and sent to data servers via GPRS, removing the need for drive-by/walk-by AMR solutions.


Key VHF smart metering features:

  • Uses the unlicensed 169MHz (VHF) radio frequency band, approved by the EU for smart metering.
  • Available for almost any meter with a pulse output from major manufacturers such as Itron, Sappel, Elster and Sensus.
  • 98% target for data acquisition.
  • Minimal infrastructure needed.
  • Cloud-based meter management system (MDM) included.
  • 24 hourly readings per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


On’Connect is a long-range smart metering system that uses an open data platform for system interconnection and data sharing by various service providers. Its radio network is designed to support the digital transformation of cities – from sensors to services.


On’Connect provides a sustainable and secure network so you can choose the most efficient solution for mass roll-out and hard-to-access objects.


New communication services can be provided to partners and end customers – via smartphone, tablet or email – spanning water to energy consumption, smart metering to geolocation of waste collection, or other assets.

On’Connect’s features include:

  • Data transfer through a continuously operated and monitored communication network.
  • Collection and storage of mass data.
  • Data processing through algorithms developed and tested by SUEZ.
  • An operational control centre for ongoing supervision of the communication chain.
  • Web portals with alerts and dashboards for operators and citizens.
  • Contractual and financing models tailored to suit the needs of local authorities and partners.
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