If you cannot measure water quality, you cannot manage or control it. The reliable accuracy of SUEZ analytical instruments are crucial for process control, quality optimisation, and regulatory compliance. At SUEZ, we also provide the advanced technologies needed to purify water for industry, healthcare and laboratories – and have decades of experience helping utilities safeguard the quality of their water supplies.
Organics monitoring with TOC analysis

Vigilant and accurate monitoring of organics is fundamental not only to compliance in many industries, but also to ensure the quality of water at critical stages of your processes.
Laboratory testing and analysis

We provide accredited analysis and innovative, specialised laboratory solutions.
Network water quality management

Analysis, advice and solutions from SUEZ help water utilities identify and tackle the critical factors that affect water quality in their networks. Ensuring the water distributed to customers is of the highest quality requires constant vigilance. Water treated in the UK is generally of exceptionally high quality, but ageing water distribution networks are prone to problems that can compromise the quality of water arriving at the consumer’s tap.

Engineered from decades of experience, SUEZ systems deliver a reliable and consistent supply of water purified to the quality your processes require. We design, manufacture, install, service and support these high-performance water purification systems, which draw on a wide range of water purification technologies.