Engineered from decades of experience, SUEZ systems deliver a reliable and consistent supply of water purified to the quality your processes require. We design, manufacture, install, service and support these high-performance water purification systems, which draw on a wide range of water purification technologies.
Water purification systems

SUEZ water purification systems are engineered from decades of experience. We design, manufacture, install, service and support high-performance water purification systems that set the standard for accuracy and reliability in industrial, healthcare and laboratory operations.
Water purification technologies

It is essential to use the correct water purification techniques to ensure a consistent supply of high-purity or ultra-pure water. The chemical composition of potable or raw water drawn from boreholes, or direct from mains supplies, can vary considerably due to the quantity and variety of dissolved minerals and particulate matter. Because of this variability, we use a wide range of advanced water purification technologies in our proven systems.