Healthcare water purification systems

Our water purification systems – engineered specifically for endoscopy, renal, laboratory and sterile service – will ensure compliance with healthcare standards and the safety of your patients and staff. With SUEZ, you can access complete design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance capabilities from one source.

With over 40 years’ experience and installations in hospitals, private organisations and laboratories around the world, we are the leading supplier of water purification systems to advanced life sciences and healthcare.


SUEZ provides solutions for renal dialysis – including compact systems for home use and high-volume systems for multi-bed wards – as well as advanced water purification systems for clinical analyser feed, decontamination and sterile services departments.


In addition, we supply wall-mounted and benchtop reverse-osmosis water purification units, low-cost deionisation cartridges, and centralised, modular high-volume water purification systems for feeding laboratory ring-mains.


Our proven technology produces purified and ultrapure water, to 18.2 MΩ.cm, and meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 3696 and ASTM D1193-06 standards.


We offer a full custom design and manufacture service, with all healthcare water purification systems complying with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC, and fully assessed and CE- marked as Class IIB Medical Devices.

Renal water purification systems

Our water purification systems for renal dialysis use tried and tested reverse osmosis, with optional technologies, including chemical and heat sanitisation.


Backed by SUEZ’s knowledge and expertise, these systems help you optimise water treatment processes for standard and high-flux haemodialysis, in both single-patient and multi-patient applications.


We are also an approved medical device manufacturer. Our standalone and ring-main water purification systems are approved to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and are certified by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV).

CSSD/SSD reverse-osmosis feed

We offer a wide range of standard and custom-built water purification systems for decontamination and sterilisation applications. These include Centralised Sterile Services Departments (CSSDs), Standard Services Departments (SSDs), Hospital Sterile Services Departments (HSDs) and AER (automated endoscope reprocessing) departments.


Our systems comply with all the latest HTM and ISO requirements, including (S)HTM2030, and are available with single- and double-pass reverse osmosis (RO), plus a range of up- and downstream technologies and chemicals to provide the widest possible choice for public and private healthcare provision.

Endoscope washer feed

Our range of water purification systems for single- or multi-chamber endoscope washer disinfectors and steam sterilisation cabinets is fully compliant with (S)HTM 2030, NHS MES C32 and the latest draft prEN ISO 15883.


Each system is fully integrated, making set-up and configuration quick and simple, with low maintenance and operating costs. Features typically include comprehensive data logging features, for full traceability, stainless steel bio-sampling points, automated chemical sanitisation, and automatic monitoring of all critical functions.

Clinical analyser feed

Our advanced water purification systems ensure the highest-quality feed for clinical analysers. They are capable of producing water quality to 18.2MΩ-cm, with bacterial levels less than 1cfu/ml and the rejection of ions down to 0.01mg/l.


Every system in the range complies with the latest clinical water quality standards, including ASTM, CLRW and CLSI. Each offers a choice of control, monitoring and diagnostic options. Standard and custom-engineered systems are available, in each case providing a reliable solution that is easy to install and use, with low operating costs.

Central deioniser feed

Our centralised water purification units use advanced reverse-osmosis technology, in conjunction with activated carbon and particulate filtration as part of the first stage of purification.


Water from the first stage is stored in an integral stainless-steel tank, providing a continuous feed to a ring-main. To maintain microbiological purity, the circulating water is continually purified using UV and membrane filtration technology. As standard, all systems are equipped with sophisticated integral data logging technology, providing historic traceability for key operating parameters.

Service, maintenance and support

To support our extensive water purification range for healthcare and life sciences, we offer a full range of technical, applications and after-sales support services.


These include extended warranty and 24/7 service contracts, with routine servicing and replacement of consumables, plus emergency cover to ensure continuity of supply. This support is available either direct or through our global network of specially trained sales partners.

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