Laboratory water purification systems

Easy to use, our systems reliably deliver the quality and quantity of laboratory water you need.

We specialise in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced, high-performance laboratory water purification systems.


With our range of advanced technologies, you can guarantee the water quality, consistency, and reliability required for your lab applications.


We offer full technical support, training, and after-market services to help you achieve maximum return on investment and unrivalled value for our customers.


And you can upgrade any supplier’s benchtop unit to the latest SUEZ system at low cost.

SUEZ Water UK - Laboratory Capabilities

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Save water and energy with ECO water purification units

Laboratory operators are showing increasing interest in sustainable solutions. We have responded by introducing ECO options for our popular Select water purification systems.


In addition to saving electricity with their intelligent standby feature, our customers can now save water through high-recovery reverse-osmosis (RO) systems.


Our ECO upgrade helps you to recover up to 50% of water and save energy.


The intelligent standby option, available on selected models, imposes a sleep mode on the purification unit whenever a set time has elapsed without water being dispensed. During standby, a 10-minute recirculation programme takes place every two hours to maintain water quality. This saves both on electricity usage and water wastage.


This small modification can be made retrospectively as part of a service visit, so why wait?

Benefits of a SUEZ system

Ease of use

  • A clear touch-screen panel for easy menu navigation, providing fingertip diagnostic functionality.
  • A range of menu features that simplify operation and identification of key parameters.
  • Multiple dispense options available.

Fast configuration and installation

  • A modular, optimised design enables quick system construction and configuration, and simplifies installation and set-up.
  • QR codes for video viewing of installation procedure.

Range of technologies

  • Reverse osmosis: a total membrane process which can remove >98% minerals and >99% bacteria from potable water.
  • Irradiation: applied at 254 or 185nm to destroy microorganisms or to reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels.
  • Filtration: incorporates a wide range of sub-micron ratings, which can be used to reduce levels of bacteria, endotoxin, RNases and DNases from ultrapure water.
  • Ion-exchange: specifically selected nuclear-grade resin combined with high-activity absorbents to produce ultra-pure water quality (18.2MΩ.cm) with low TOC.

Complete reliability

  • High-quality, long-life pre-treatment modules based on proven technology ensure a consistent supply of purified water.
  • Data capture as standard.

Maximum flexibility

  • A space-saving design, with minimal external connections, makes the units simple to install and allows for benchtop, wall-mounted or under-bench installation.

Simple maintenance and servicing

  • Our range of long-life cartridge packs and consumables are easy to change.
  • Semi-automated cleaning and sanitising routines minimise operator intervention.
  • Audible alarms for critical system conditions or routine operations.
  • QR codes for video viewing of consumable changes.
  • Service engineers are available as part of our maintenance care programmes, which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.
Servicing and maintenance

Total lifetime support is a core element of the service we provide to all our customers – from a small laboratory with a single benchtop unit, to a major healthcare or industrial organisation with multiple systems, or a complex, high-volume water purification plant.


Our customer support services include system design and build, installation and commissioning, as well as 24/7 long-term maintenance contracts to optimise efficiency and minimise through-life costs.


We also hold extensive stocks of consumables and spare or replacement parts that are available as and when required.


Our regional team of experienced engineers provide dedicated applications and support – both by phone and on-site – including consultancy, trouble-shooting and product training.

Global support

We offer dedicated resources through a comprehensive network of over 50 distribution channels, serving North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australasia. Approved local distributors support our purification systems, ensuring a secure and cost-effective service, timely supply of critical equipment, and ultimately – peace of mind.


This network delivers ideas and solutions that improve our customers’ water quality, system performance and return on investment.

Upgrade offer

With our laboratory upgrade offer, you can change your old benchtop water purification unit for a brand-new one at a special low cost. You will also benefit from a great deal on our service agreements giving you complete peace of mind with fixed costs for the lifetime of your new unit.


We will replace your existing water purification system, SUEZ or otherwise, with a new equivalent benchtop unit. This comes with a service contract that will extend product life and reduces costs. Added benefits include:

  • An annual visit to review and service the system.
  • Unlimited breakdown call-outs.
  • All labour and travel costs.
  • All non-consumable parts.
  • Replacement RO membranes.


Please note that we will not, unless otherwise arranged, dispose of your old water purification unit.

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