Our education programme

We believe that waste and water are valuable resources. Conserving and recovering its value are vital for our economy and our planet. Our employees are passionate about this.
Raising awareness
Within SUEZ in the UK we have world-beating expertise in waste and water, and a profound understanding of what it all means for the environment and sustainability.

We want to share it.

So we collaborate with a diverse range of partners, sponsor research and each year find new ways to raise awareness of environmental issues from recycling to beach plastics.
Education ambassadors
Our visitor centres and site tours are very popular with schoolchildren and adult groups alike.

For school children, we bring the experience to the classroom too, with the help of our network of education ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are not only passionate about resources, but also about sharing their knowledge. They visit schools and explain the importance of recycling and responsible waste management in a fun and informative way that links with the national curriculum.  You'll also find them at local events and county fares.
Education centres
We are proud to be able to play our part in educating people about resources and the environment.

Each year, SUEZ receives many requests from schools and community groups across the country who would like to know more about waste, what happens to it and what we can all do to help.

Many of our larger facilities have education and visitor centres where groups can come to learn about the journey of waste, and see how we handle, process and recover value from it – giving it a second life.
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