Our proposal

We are proposing to relocate our current depot and workshop facilities at Victoria Road in Avonmouth, to our site at Merebank Road.The relocation is supporting our continued efforts to make our operations as efficient as possible and to avoid unnecessary mileage and journeys once our lease ends at Victoria Road.
Our proposed project

What are we proposing to build?

We are proposing to build a number of key elements including:

  • Replacing the modular office buildings with a new, purpose built two-storey office block
  • Creating a parking area for 40 trucks
  • Building a workshop to service the trucks
  • Creating storage areas for empty bins and skips
  • Creating additional staff parking


This would allow our depot on Victoria Road in Avonmouth to merge with our Material Recycling Facility at Merebank Road.


Whilst we propose to move the operations, our Merebank Road site will not be accepting any additional recycling. Approximately 26 of the trucks we plan to relocate currently already tip their loads of recycling at Merebank Road or refuse our Severnside Energy Recovery Centre close by.


Overall, the development would sit on a 19,841m2 area (equivalent to just under four football pitches) within our existing site boundary. The new buildings will be a maximum of two storey high.

Why do we want to relocate to Merebank Road?

Our Merebank road site is a good location for our fleet because:

  • The site is allocated for waste management activities and the wider area for industrial and warehousing uses.
  • We have been running our recycling sorting operations from this site since 2013
  • This site will allow us to make our operations more efficient and reduce our mileage and impact on the environment.
  • Currently, 12 of our 40 trucks, which from this proposal would park at the BRRC, tip their recycling at the material recovery facility on site already.
  • A further 14 or 15 trucks tip their general waste at our Energy Recovery Centre nearby.

What operations would move to Merebank Road?

Our fleet and workshop has been at Victoria road for nine years with the trucks servicing businesses in Bristol and the wider area. These trucks collect recycling and refuse as well as ensuring our customers have the correct bins and replacing them where necessary.


The fleet would require regular servicing and MOTs which our workshop facility would provide to these trucks only.

Responsible neighbours

We are committed to being a good neighbour and with our in-house teams, we specialise in environmental compliance. We have a strong track record in compliance at Merebank Road, rated A by the environment agency from 2017 onwards.


If successful, we will take responsibility to provide biodiversity enhancements either on site or within in the wider Avonmouth area such as:

  • Creation of additional habitats for insects and bugs
  • Planting of an area of mixed scrub or hedgerows, with a focus on native species
  • The addition of nest boxes to the buildings on site to provide additional opportunities for nesting birds.


In addition to this, SUEZ has an active network of sustainability champions who take action at a local level to improve our impact on the environment.

Timeline for the project
We plan to submit our planning application to Bristol City Council in August 2022 and hoping for a decision to be made by mid-November 2022. If we are successful in this, we hope to start construction in February 2023 with the overall development taking around eight months.