Using Ice Pigging for effective cleaning, product recovery and reduced effluent production

Yeo Valley is the largest organic business in the UK producing over 2,000 tonnes of yoghurt each week. The Yeo Valley brand uses recycled plastic and uses 100% green electricity. SUEZ provided their Ice Pigging machine that helped increase the overall efficiency of the plant by reducing waste, water and energy.
The mission

Improving the product line by providing a solution that would reduce water, energy and effluent production while also increasing product recovery

Yeo Valley were looking to improve their pipe cleaning method where flushing was used to clean the remaining product from their production lines. Flushing usually requires water to be heated to around 80°C before flushing through pipes, which uses a significant amount of energy and due to the mixing involved, can results in high levels of effluent.
increase product recovery
reduce cleaning cycle times
reduce effluent production
Our solution

Use ice pigging to improve the efficiency of your process

The target set out by SUEZ: increase the efficiency of Yeo Valley’s custard production line by providing an alternative solution to cleaning and product recovery.


Ice Pigging for the Food and Beverage industry can be adapted to give maximum benefits depending on the characteristics of the product in pipe.

Ice has a significantly more effective cleaning power compared to water flushing and has the ability to navigate bends, restrictions, valves and most obstructions that limit the use of solid pigs.


Ice Pigging is often considered a very effective pre-clean prior to a chemical CIP process. Ice Pigging can remove up to 99% of all product from a line, resulting in a major reduction in effluent, a fast and much more effective CIP and a much better chance of product recovery.

The results
Reducing waste, water use, chemicals and saving on product recovery through Ice Pigging has provided the Yeo Valley site with significant benefits that were experienced as soon as the machine was installed.

Compared to the usual flushing process used on production machinery, Ice Pigging was able to recover an additional 50 litres of product per run and produced less effluent for disposal.


SUEZ’s Ice Pigging machine also helped to reduce downtime due to shorter duration of cleaning process and reduced the use of CIP chemicals which further benefited the environment.