What do you do when the demand for water is rising but resources are scarce?

The mission
The Mediterranean island of Malta is an archipelago confronted with unique resource challenges. Welcoming 1.8 million tourists per year more than quadruples its population, making this small country one of the world’s most densely populated. The absence of rivers or lakes on the island also makes it among the 10 poorest in terms of natural water resources per head. The island’s public water utility, Water Services Corporation, sought to control water consumption, while improving network efficiency, increasing billing accuracy and charging fair prices for its 430,000 inhabitants.
The solution
Water Services Corporation chose 250,000 smart water meters for its 430,000 inhabitants. The SUEZ ON’connect™ smart water meter technology are based on 169 MHz, the long-range radio transmission bandwidth known as WIZE and designated for such use by the E.U. 220 receivers from across the entire 360 km2 Maltese Islands collect the data and convey it to a dedicated IT system for processing. Access to hourly readings allows monitoring of water consumption that can be used to quickly identify abnormal consumption and leaks at any time.
The results

The infrastructure has reaped a number of strategic goals including increased customer satisfaction and engagement, improved commercial cycle efficiencies, improved network management, proactive demand management and better environmental performance.


Smart water meter efficiencies now enable Malta’s people to get accurate readings on consumption and bills. The Water Services Corporation has thus improved its total annual cash flow.