Our mission

As demand rises, natural resources are deteriorating and becoming scarcer. SUEZ is designing and implementing innovative ways to take on the four major challenges of the resource revolution: developing access to resources, protecting resources, optimising the use of resources and producing new resources. That's how we are helping to secure the resources that are essential to our future.

We are developing access to resources for everyone

The question of resource availability is vital. We must supply the maximum number of people with access to drinking water of the highest quality at a fair price. We must also optimise the collection and recovery of our waste so that it becomes a source of new resources to recycle or recover.

We are protecting resources and ecosystems

By protecting natural resources, we are guaranteeing the quality of our environment and our resources in the future. Cities and industries are becoming increasingly concerned about reducing the environmental impact of their activities. We are helping them to improve the quality of their discharge, recover their sludge into energy, reduce their CO2 emissions, decontaminate soils and promote biodiversity.

We are optimising the use of resources

In order to improve the efficiency of resources usage, we have placed information technology at the heart of our business. Real-time management of water and sanitation services, smart collection systems, reverse logistics, optimisation of energy consumption factories – these are all solutions that generate significant economic and environmental savings for our customers.

We are producing new resources

The resource revolution is circular: it has become a necessity to transform the water into drinking water, sludge into renewable energy, and waste into energy or secondary raw materials. By creating new, high-quality resources we avoid drawing on scarce natural resources.
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