A less resource-consuming growth model is needed. I resolutely engaged SUEZ in the resource revolution. We are ready.

Jean-Louis Chaussade-Director. Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ

A worldwide leader

Leading the resource revolution

We’ve been experts in water and waste management for 150 years.  We operate on five continents, where we are dedicated to achieving the efficient and sustainable management of resources. Our company supports its customers as they change from a linear model, which over-consumes resources, to a circular model, aiming to recycle and recover resources for future use.

Innovating for the future

Guiding our customers to new and sustainable growth

Due to the challenges of increasingly scarce resources, we must speed up the development and implementation of new radical solutions. Our innovation ecosystem calls on a worldwide network of centers of excellence in collaboration with the world’s leading research centres. We also work with a generation of pioneering start-ups.

A committed group

Providing answers to major global challenges

Fighting climate change, inventing new models that balance growth and resource protection, taking action for equal opportunities and promoting access to basic services. We’re committed to providing solutions to these major global challenges.

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