Innovating for the future

Due to the challenges of increasingly scarce resources, we must speed up the development and implementation of new radical solutions. Our innovation ecosystem calls on a worldwide network of centers of excellence in collaboration with the world’s leading research centres. We also work with a generation of pioneering start-ups.
Innovating for our customers

Supporting our clients towards a sustainable growth model

Our strategy relies on an ambitious research and innovation policy goals. This enables our customers to achieve greater efficiency in the environmental management.

Transforming waste into value

The creation of secondary raw materials is at the heart of the new circular economy. It’s a way of addressing the increasing scarcity of natural resources and rising raw materials costs. We’re innovating to accelerate recycling and offer real world solutions to our customers.

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Creating new water resources

As the population grows and urbanisation continues, the pressure on water resources increases. We’re addressing this by developing innovative solutions, like the artificial aquifer recharge, desalination and the reuse of wastewater technology.

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Using digital tools to manage resources

Digital technology is an efficient way to approach the environmental issues facing our customers around the world. We constantly innovate to support their initiatives and improve the performance of their facilities.

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Optimising water and wastewater treatment networks

With climate change, rampant urbanisation and ever stricter regulations, the management of water has become more complex than ever. Backed by our expertise, SUEZ is working to develop new solutions capable of monitoring water networks in real time to continuously improve the quality of the water delivered.

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Reducing health and environmental risks

Every year, SUEZ invests in research and innovation projects to improve the quality of water supplies and works hand-in-hand with international regulatory authorities. We develop new technologies to eliminate emerging pollutants in our dedicated research laboratory.

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Harnessing energy from water and waste

At SUEZ, we’re combating climate change by developing innovative solutions to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions, to optimise their energy consumption and to encourage the use of high-potential renewables.

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Our innovation ecosystem

Internal research meets open innovation

SUEZ’s innovation policy is based on various internally-managed programmes and projects, and with a strong commitment to open innovation – shortening development cycles and reducing time-to-market of our products and services. In 2017, we invested €97 million into these programmes.

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