What is Simpler Recycling?

The UK government has announced ‘Simpler Recycling’ waste reforms for households and businesses in England.


The scheme is designed to simplify the recycling system so people will be able to recycle the same materials whether they are at home or in the workplace. Standardising waste collections will help to eliminate confusion over what can be recycled, with the aim to improve recycling rates and protect the environment.

What does it mean for businesses?

Under the Simpler Recycling scheme, businesses, schools, hospitals and other ‘non-household municipal premises’ in England will be required to separate dry recycling (including paper, card, plastic packaging, glass and metal) from general waste for collection. In addition to dry recycling, if a business generates food waste, no matter how small the quantity, this will also need to be separated for collection.


These changes need to be implemented before the following deadlines:

31 March 2025

Businesses, schools and hospitals must separate their dry recycling and food waste for collection separately.


31 March 2027

Micro firms (businesses with fewer than 10 full-time employees) must separate their dry recycling and food waste for collection separately.


All businesses will be required to separate plastic film for collection – which will be collected as part of the plastic waste stream.

How can businesses prepare for change?

Businesses can prepare for this legislative change by setting up separate recycling collections for dry recycling and food waste.


At SUEZ, we can help your business become compliant before regulations change. We offer free on-site waste audits, where we will analyse your site’s waste management processes to determine your individual requirements. Following the audit, our experts will advise the optimal solution for your business. With a range of container sizes to suit your premises and flexible collection options, we can tailor a service that’s right for you, ensuring a smooth transition when changes come into effect.