David Palmer Jones

We help our customers become part of the emerging low-carbon circular economy. We are recovering value, generating energy, and optimising the cycle of water and materials used, while protecting the environment.

David Palmer-Jones-Chief Executive Officer | SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

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Our mission

As demand rises, natural resources are deteriorating and becoming scarcer. SUEZ is designing and implementing innovative ways to take on the four major challenges of the resource revolution: developing access to resources, protecting resources, optimising the use of resources and producing new resources. That's how we are helping to secure the resources that are essential to our future.

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Our industrial and commercial customers

Innovation to improve economic and environmental performance

Industry is faced with increasingly complex environmental, regulatory, economic and operational challenges. We work closely with businesses and organisations from all sectors to improve their economic and environmental performance, and help them progress towards the circular economy.

SUEZ employee on a municipal collection round
Our local authority customers

Smart and efficient management of resources to further sustainability

SUEZ helps local authorities rise to the challenge of managing resources more sustainably and smarter. We do this by recovering value from waste through recycling and energy generation, optimising collection and other local services, and devising innovative solutions, while protecting the environment. Working in partnership with local authorities, we are helping local communities prepare for the low-carbon circular economy.

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