We believe that waste and water and valuable resources and want to help everyone to understand what happens to them and how we can conserve them. The nature of our business means that we form close links with the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to, and staff involvement in, corporate social responsibility is a key part of our culture.

SUEZ Rio Roadshow big event in 2016
Giving something back

Supporting society and the communities we work in

Our company and our people believe it is important to give something back to the communities we work in and to society. We do this in many ways.

Household recycling items
What happens to waste

Have you ever wondered what happens to the waste that you produce once it has been collected? Waste can be treated in a number of ways. Even the way it is collected can vary.

Aerial view of UK households
Recycling in the UK

Local authorities across the United Kingdom operate a range of different systems to collect recyclable materials from householders, which means that kerb-side collection methods and the materials each authority collects can be very different from one area to another.

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