From 06 April 2024, all workplaces in Wales must separate their waste for recycling

The Welsh Government is introducing new regulations that will require all businesses to separate recyclable materials from other waste.


As part of the new legislation, the following materials will need to be separated for collection, and collected separately:

  • Food – for premises that produce more than 5kg of food waste a week
  • Paper and card
  • Glass
  • Metal, plastic, and cartons and other fibre-plastic composite packaging of a similar composition
  • Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Unsold textiles
Why are these changes being introduced?
The Welsh Government has set a national target to recycle 70% of its waste by 2025 and Wales become a zero-waste nation by 2050. The changes are focused on improving the quality and quantity of recycling and are vital to delivering Wales’s commitments to reach zero waste and reduce carbon emissions by 2050.
How can SUEZ help you prepare for change?

There are many ways we can help your business become compliant before regulations change.

Tailored solutions

We offer a range of container sizes to suit your premises and can help you choose the right containers for your site. With flexible collection options, you can tailor the collection frequency to suit your individual business needs.

Free bespoke advice

To help you gain a better understanding of the waste your business is generating and the changes you may need to make, we are offering free on-site waste audits. During the audit we will analyse your site’s waste management processes to determine your individual requirements. Following the audit, our experts will advise the optimal solution for your business, ensuring you have a smooth transition when changes come into effect.

Be in the know

It can be challenging to keep abreast of legislative changes that can affect your business waste management. To help you stay one step ahead, we have an active webinar programme, led by industry experts, to share updates on changes to waste management legislation and the implications this can have on your business.


To find out more about how we can help you prepare for the upcoming changes, call us on 0800 542 3548 or send an email.