Recycling and recovery

SUEZ collection crews in Doncaster thank NHS workers

Our  waste and recycling collection crews from the Kirk Sandall Depot will this evening (30 April 2020) at 8.00pm show their appreciation for all the hard-working NHS staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, with a drive-past of the fleet of collection trucks specially liveried for the occasion. The drive-past will take place during the weekly national applause for NHS staff and key workers.

The collection crews have been overwhelmed on their rounds with well-wishers thanking them with artwork and chocolates for the essential service they are providing in helping to keep Doncaster safe and well. Having the important role they’re playing during the COVID-19 pandemic acknowledged in this way has meant a huge amount to the crew and they very much wanted to return the favour. They proposed the drive-past idea to managers who were keen to try to make it happen.

SUEZ manages Doncaster’s municipal waste and recycling service and took the idea to the council who were immediately supportive.

Driver Paul Bowland from Kirk Sandall Depot said: “We have been so grateful for all the thank you messages that residents have given us.  It has really boosted us whilst we’ve been working hard to keep waste and recycling collections running. We just wanted to find a way for us to thank NHS staff and other key workers who are doing such a good job in really difficult times. We thought a fleet drive-past the hospital to show our appreciation and thanks would be a good thing to do.”

Councillor Chris McGuinness, Portfolio Holder for the Environment at Doncaster Council said: “The waste and collection crews have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic and emerged as heroes in keeping things moving in and around Doncaster which we’ve seen in the public’s appreciation of them. With the amount of people who have had to stay at home, there’s been a real increase in waste collections and so it’s only fitting that they are able to salute their fellow key workers in such fashion.”

SUEZ contract manager for Doncaster, Victoria Crabtree said: “It was great that the crews came up with the idea as they clearly have experienced first-hand what a difference it can make to morale to be thanked. They were humbled and very much wanted to take this opportunity to thank NHS staff and other key workers.”

Victoria added: “I’m really proud of all the hard work the SUEZ team in Doncaster has put in to keep kerbside collections running during this unprecedented pandemic and national lockdown.”

Household recycling and waste collections have continued in Doncaster throughout this difficult period. SUEZ has followed Public Health England and Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum guidance throughout, to help ensure the health and safety of our staff and residents. This has inevitably meant some changes to working practices, but our staff were quick to adapt and were able to keep the service up and running, sometimes working weekends and extended hours to make up for lost collection time.