Your challenges

Local authorities have made great strides in recovering and recycling household waste. But as rates plateau and the cost of landfilling is increasingly prohibitive, it is imperative that residual waste is put to good use.

Energy-from-waste is a strategic solution. Successful delivery of what is a complex project poses risks for the authority and provider that must be expertly managed. The chief challenges include gaining the support of the public and other stakeholders, controlling construction costs, and bringing the facility on stream on schedule – while ensuring compliance with the highest standards of environmental and operational performance.

Our solutions

SUEZ operates more energy-from-waste capacity in the UK than any other provider. With eight facilities – and more in the pipeline – we currently recover energy from more than two million tonnes of waste each year.

We have a long track record in the energy business, and world-class expertise in this field. Our dedicated energy solutions division generates electricity from landfill gas, through anaerobic digestion of food waste, as well as our state-of-the-art energy-from-waste facilities.

We are also the country’s largest producer of fuels derived from waste, and invest in other technologies: our first facility using the gasification process to generate electricity from treated general waste is located in Surrey.

Our expertise

SUEZ provides energy solutions that meet the long-term needs of your community. We design and operate facilities that balance the economic, political and environmental priorities of our local authority partners.

Each facility we build is the cornerstone of a long-term partnership with a community and often a local authority.
From planning and finance, though design and construction, to commissioning and operation, our dedicated teams lend their expert insight at each stage of the project lifecycle.

This includes the critical area of stakeholder engagement. We devise and deliver communication strategies for new facilities from their concept stage to completion, and through ongoing operations.

Every SUEZ energy-from-waste facility also benefits from the international experience accumulated across our group. We have systems in place to share this best practice at our UK facilities.

We are proud of our award-winning facilities and track record of safe and environmentally responsible operation.

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