Expert advice when you need it

Waste in organisations takes many forms, apart from what goes in the bin. Think wasted movements, time, expenditure and opportunities. Our people have the expertise to identify waste and create savings through the value chain – from procurement and design to output and disposal.

Fresh thinking

At SUEZ, we help you take a fresh look at ways to improve the management of your waste and resources, and your sustainability projects.

The SUEZ.scope team follows a tried and tested process, which is simple yet effective. It involves:

  • Talking to your employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Considering waste across the whole of your business.
  • Analysing your data.
  • Recommending improvements.

Our first step is always to listen closely to you and your team. You know your business best, and we add our insights to that understanding. We help you identify opportunities to improve –that dovetail with your systems, work within your budget, and safeguard compliance.

Depending on the complexity and project, we may also engage more widely with your employees, customers and suppliers too, to ensure you are securing the best service. Then, we study your data using a range of analytical tools to identify the obvious and not-so-obvious opportunities to streamline flows, boost efficiency and generate value.

SUEZ.scope’s work may also involve rethinking your waste procurement and helping you make the right decisions when choosing waste management suppliers. Our customers find this especially valuable when negotiating new contracts.

SUEZ.scope is scalable and responsive to your needs. The service has three core elements – waste auditing, a hotline to answer queries on regulations and compliance, and consultancy for long-term strategy development.

In-depth, systematic analysis

Our audit teams review and analyse material flows and/or water usage across your activities. Their recommendations will be designed to:


  • Boost operational efficiency while ensuring your waste and water services meet the needs of the business, within budget.
  • Assure the continuity of your core business.
  • Create sustainable solutions that meet operational needs.
  • Ensure value for money by designing lean operational solutions and benchmarking for tenders.
  • Minimise waste and enhance recycling performance through innovative measures that are sustainable – both financially and environmentally.

A hotline to instant, expert advice

Regulations are complex and subject to change. And operational challenges can arise unexpectedly even in the most professionally managed organisations.

You can reduce compliance risk and respond to problems promptly with instant, informed advice.


SUEZ.scope guarantees quick, clear intelligence and practical solutions, not least for challenging, high-risk or high-value waste streams.

Bespoke expert consultancy

The SUEZ.scope team are specialists with experience of a wide range of sectors and businesses. But their service will be tailored to your exact needs. We help you:

  • Benchmark to set the right recycling targets and waste reduction goals, and to select the next areas to improve – always cost-effectively.
  • Set and communicate your long-term waste strategy, with challenging but achievable goals.
  • Use lifecycle analysis to ensure that you are designing out waste.