We provide tailored resource management solutions for all industrial sectors worldwide. Our role: helping them increase their economic and environmental performance and improving their brand image.

Providing support throughout your operations, from plant efficiency to brand appeal

Food safety, economic performance and environmental performance are strategic levers that can help you make your products more attractive, increase your brand value and develop your business.

We combine strategic support and operational implementation through a wide range of solutions. It is this winning combination that allows us to apply the right solution, in the right place and at the right time, according to your needs.

Supporting you at all stages of resource management 

Chemical companies are engaged in efforts to reduce their environmental footprint while preserving their competitiveness.

Based on an integrated and collaborative approach, applied throughout the product lifecycle, we combine strategic advice and performance commitments, both environmentally and economically.

Optimising construction waste management for better recovery

We help businesses in the construction sector recover large amounts of waste generated by their activities, creating value from waste and protecting the environment.

We guarantee operational efficiency through safe work sites and compliance with deadlines, costs and regulatory constraints.

Deconstructing and depolluting sites for reconversion

From the decision to dismantle an industrial site through to its transformation into rehabilitated land or a new business site, resource management is central to the profitability of any reconversion project. The intended future use of the site dictates the deconstruction and decontamination process.

We provide a reconversion strategy based on comprehensive needs analysis as part of a holistic vision to maximise asset value whilst protecting health, safety and the environment.

Optimising the management of water and waste on your sites

Every day in some of the world’s harshest environment, our customers trust us to deliver proven water and waste management that prevents costly disruption and ensures safe, continuous mining operations.

Using local roots and global expertise, we accompany the world’s largest mining players with reliable solutions adapted to every stage of a mine’s life – from planning and construction, operation and closure, to rehabilitation.

Oil and gas

Exploration and production

Oil and gas exploration and production are vital activities if we are to meet rising world energy demands. We offer our engineering expertise to design and rehabilitate your sites and for smart operations and maintenance management. We offer solutions for water, gas and waste treatment to improve production performance and protect the environment.

Refining and petrochemical

Energy production is at the centre of today's global challenges. By 2035, world energy demands will be 30% higher than in 2010, with oil and gas continuing to account for a significant share.

Guaranteeing operationnal and environmental performance

Faced with a worldwide rising demand, the electric power industry must combine production security  and environmental protection.

We propose a range of personalised solutions that guarantee continous and sustainable production, meet the need to ensure optimal safety levels, and minimise impacts the environment and communities.

Securing your processes, lowering your costs and reducing your environmental footprint

Within a highly competitive market, pulp and paper companies need to adapt to changing demand and market trends, particularly for recycled paper, as well as to increasingly stringent environmental standards, while maintaining operational performance and profit margins.

Being one of the leading suppliers of recycled paper in Europe, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry, providing solutions to bolster and improve all upstream and downstream production processes ensuring activities are profitable and compliant.