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Within our national business, every contract and facility is a local operation. We embed ourselves in each area and build that local connection in various ways – from employing local staff to communicating openly and giving back to the local community.
Your challenges

This tool was developed by SUEZ and Anthesis Group, together with support from LARAC, Project Integra and the Kent Resource Partnership.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is currently consulting on the detail of its Resources and Waste Strategy, which was published in December 2018. The consultation documents were published on 18 February 2019 and seek views on proposals for consistent recycling collections across English local authorities; changes to the producer responsibility system for packaging waste; and the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers. Defra and HM Treasury are jointly also consulting on proposals for a plastic packaging tax. The consultation documents can be found here.

Using the scenarios presented in these consultation documents, the Resources and Waste Policy Impact Calculator will help local authorities to understand the impact of the proposed changes upon their particular services, and has been designed to help individual authorities respond to the various consultation documents. The outputs from the calculator include: 

  • The potential volume of material removed from kerbside collection services by deposit return schemes and the subsequent financial and operational impacts
  • Estimates of the likely tonnages of extended-producer-responsibility-obligated materials in household streams
  • The level of financial support, which might come from additional extended producer responsibility funding, that each authority may receive towards the costs of collection
  • The gap between current performance and likely future targets

The Resources and Waste Policy Impact Calculator is free to use and can be accessed here.

Our solutions
We recognise that recycling and waste services and facilities, though essential, can cause disturbance and disquiet in local communities.

SUEZ is working to change such negative perceptions. We are committed to the highest level of professionalism, which is evident from the uniforms worn by our front-line staff to the way we interact with the public. We have management systems and procedures in place to govern the quality of all our activities.

Staff attitude is a critical factor. Our comprehensive training and development programme helps ensure our people give off their best. For transferring staff, our human resources team works closely with contract and operations managers to put them at the heart of the mobilisation process. By making sure the TUPE process runs smoothly, our new employees soon feel a part of the team.

As a responsible company, we believe our services can generate wider social value for the communities we serve. At both local and national levels, we support charities and good causes, get involved as volunteers in projects, and work to raise environmental awareness.
Our expertise

We have well-honed procedures and expert staff dedicated to ensuring that SUEZ operations and facilities become a valuable part of the communities we serve. These include:


  • Experienced mobilisation teams adept at planning and managing the transition to new contract arrangements, and changes to services including the transfer of employees.
  • Local liaison arrangements in place at major sites to support and optimise processes throughout the duration of the partnership, including educational site-tours.
  • A training and development team who help identify and deliver courses and coaching that develops the competence of staff so that they can advance while improving the services we deliver.
  • Giving Something Back is our programme for community engagement, which involves fundraising for local and national charities, a Give as You Earn scheme, and a network of ‘education ambassadors’.
  • The SUEZ communities trust, which awards grants to not-for-profit organisations in the vicinity of our contracts under the Landfill Communities Fund.
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