Generating energy from waste

Our dedicated energy solutions division generates electricity from landfill gas, through anaerobic digestion of food waste, as well as our state-of-the-art energy-from-waste facilities.

Our output powers local homes and businesses via the national grid, but some of our schemes have been developed to supply either electricity or steam for a specific customer or local industry.


Where mixed wastes remain after recycling or it is not practicable to reclaim materials, the energy value of these resources can be recovered, using modern energy-from-waste technology.

Energy-from-waste is a safe and efficient way of generating electric power for homes and businesses – and a strategic long-term solution for many communities.

Diverting waste away from landfill, energy-from-waste uses this resource as a renewable and predictable energy source, complementing wind power and reducing our reliance on coal and gas-powered stations.

SUEZ operates more energy-from-waste capacity in the UK than any other provider. We currently recover energy from more than two million tonnes of waste each year.

Food waste

Anaerobic digestion

How does anaerobic digestion work?