Solid recovered fuel

SUEZ has developed a network of high-tech production facilities. Processing involves pre-sorting, trommelling and shredding, before the fuel is audited to ensure its quality.

Solid recovered fuel is a high-quality alternative to fossil fuel produced from mainly commercial and industrial waste. It can be produced to a range of specifications – such as moisture content, calorific value and chemical composition – to meet customer requirements. The recovered fuel has a high calorific value and is used in cement kilns.

We also produce refuse derived fuel, which has a lower calorific value, from residual household waste.

An example of the circular economy in action, these alternative fuels not only divert waste from landfill and recover value, they reduce the need to extract and burn natural resources such as coal.

Solid recovered fuel (SRF) - commercial offer

Credit: SUEZ UK

Solid recovered fuel

Solid recovered fuel

How is solid recovered fuel made?