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Part of the global SUEZ group, we employ more than 5,000 people in the UK. Since 1988, we have been delivering innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to manage waste and water for our customers – households, local authorities, and industry and commerce.
No more waste

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

Our vision is a society where there is no more waste. We believe waste is a resource and our goal is to help create a circular economy in which nearly all waste materials are given a second life and reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content.


We reduce the environmental impact of our customers’ waste and help them use resources more efficiently, as we invest heavily in new capacity and technologies.


Over the course of a year, we handle over 10 million tonnes of waste in the UK. We make a significant and growing contribution to the circular economy and sustainability by recovering value from these waste materials.


We are ready for the resource revolution.

million (£)
Figures from 2016
million tonnes
of waste handled

SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

We provide industrial services and solutions that secure and recover critical water and wastewater resources for our customers.


Ours is a unique combination of technologies, services and chemistry. We are experts in water purification and disinfection, industrial water and wastewater treatment, water utility and technical services, water conditioning, and laboratory services for analysing water.


Our complete service optimises the entire water cycle.

million m3
of wastewater processed

Figures from 2017

million m3

of water purified every day

Our vision

We must face up to the challenges of living in a world of depleting materials and water resources, compounded by climate change.

Protecting the environment by making the best use of those resources is the purpose of SUEZ in the UK. Our vision is of a society where there is no more waste. That means helping our customers optimise their use of materials and their entire water cycle.

The resource revolution demands that industry and society move from a linear model – extracting, consuming and discarding residual and/or polluted materials and water – to a circular one. That means recovering resources (including energy) from waste flows, improving the efficiency of water processes and avoiding environmental harm.

Our role is to support customers in this challenging transition to the circular economy, while innovating and exploiting new and improved technologies.

Our history
We have been experts in water and waste management for 150 years worldwide. In the UK we apply that expertise to optimising the use of resources for our customers – by recycling and recovering waste materials, and by treating water and wastewater.


Since 1988, we have provided innovative and environmentally sound solutions for the waste generated by households and businesses.

Over this time, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has evolved so as to maximise the value recovered from waste materials, while also protecting the environment. We were one of the first organisations to embrace the circular economy. In 2008, we began re-engineering our organisation and the change has accelerated in recent years. We continue to innovate and invest in energy generation and alternative fuels, helping our customers make the transition.

Over the course of a year, we now handle more than 10 million tonnes of waste, serving some 12 million residents and 30,000 business customers.


Our water specialists operate across the UK supporting customers in industry, utilities, facilities management, commerce, healthcare and laboratories.

Reflecting our group’s world-leading expertise, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions provides an unparalleled combination of technologies, services and chemistry. These capabilities are essential for optimising the entire water cycle of our customers through the purification and disinfection, treatment and management of water and wastewater. Our people are involved in a broad range of activities including equipment design and manufacture, site engineering, operations, maintenance, laboratory services, chemistry, consultancy and long-term customer support.

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