About us

We employ more than 5,000 people in the UK. Since 1988, we have been managing waste and water for our local authority and business customers. Today, we are pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy.
Our purpose

We live in a world of depleting raw materials, water stress and threatened ecosystems, all overshadowed by the climate crisis. SUEZ is confronting the planet’s greatest challenges by working to shape a sustainable environment.


We do this by helping our customers make best possible use of their material and water resources, while reducing their carbon footprints, protecting the environment and driving efficiency.


A resource and energy revolution is underway as industry and society move from a linear model to the new circular economy. That means no longer extracting, consuming and discarding residual or contaminated materials and water. Instead, we must optimise our use of materials and the entire water cycle, while recovering resources (including energy) from waste flows and avoiding environmental harm.


We support customers in this challenging transition, bringing our unmatched experience to bear, innovating and exploiting new techniques and solutions.


Our people also contribute at industry and national policy level. This takes various forms, including our work with trade and professional bodies, government proposals and guidance, investment in original research, and thought leadership.

Our business


We have been managing the waste of households and businesses in the UK since 1988.


From the outset, always protecting the environment, our services and company have evolved over time as we innovated to maximise the value we recover from our customers’ waste.


A pioneer of the circular economy, we have re-engineered our original waste management business. Today, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK generates electric power and heat, manufactures alternative fuels, processes reclaimed wood and produces compost – as well as securely managing a wide range of materials from recyclables to confidential waste and hazardous waste.


We will continue investing in our national network of facilities and new processes as we support our customers through the transition to the circular economy.

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Figures from 2020
million tonnes
of material handled


At SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions, we provide innovative solutions that address water availability and quality needs, while improving customers’ productivity and meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


Whether you need to treat wastewater, ensure increased operational efficiency, reach the highest levels of water purity, we deliver the services, technology, chemistry and expertise to get you there.


Our comprehensive portfolio means we can address your needs immediately and long-term, with a strategy that meets your requirements. We have the flexibility to pivot and scale to changing needs, and we work with you during planning, implementation, and on-site operation to determine the best solution(s) to drive results.