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SUEZ launch customer-centric consultation discussion sessions

We recognise the complexity of the consultations and the short window of opportunity given to fully understand these. Therefore, throughout this consultation period we will be running a programme of exclusive deep-dive discussion sessions to gather feedback and insight from our customers and supply chains, alongside a series of webinars where the key themes, topics and feedback will be summarised.

Given the importance of the consultations to the sector and their complex nature, we feel it is essential for people to have the opportunity to explore in detail the content of the consultations. We will also hold informal and interactive webinars to capture insights across the sector, and enable discussions and feedback on the issues and key aspects.

Deep-dive discussions

Each of the interactive and informal deep-dive discussion sessions will focus on a specific issue or cross-cutting theme for a roundtable-style debate with all participants actively engaging in the development of a common understanding and sharing their insights openly. There is an expectation that those registering for any of these deep-dive, roundtable sessions have read through the consultation documentation, possess a thorough understanding of the industry and are likely to be involved in preparing a consultation response on behalf of their organisation. Participants should expect to join discussions with camera and microphone functionality, which will operate in line with Chatham House Rules.

We appreciate that as the consultations are digested and reflected upon, new topics and issues will come to light. As such the topics of the workshops are pending the reflection of our customers.


A series of four interactive webinars will accompany the deep-dive sessions. These webinars are free to attend and open to everyone.

Dates for your diary

Please register your interest for any of the below workshop or webinar sessions.

We appreciate your understanding that spaces at each session are limited and we endeavour to ensure a fair representation of all sectors and industries across the programme.



We ask that our customers share any questions or topics of interest via their account managers.