Behaviour change and recycling contamination – Insights and reflections

Blog from Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

This blog was originally published on Be Waste Wise.

The quality of recyclables is now fully recognised as an important part of the circular economy and influencing consumer behaviour to help ensure the right materials are processed, is vital to any successful system.

This subject formed the basis of a recent webinar I chaired on behalf of Be Waste Wise. Joining me were behavioural specialists, Steven Bates from the Resources and Waste Advisory Group, Gemma Scott from Resource London and my colleague Sarah Ottaway from SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Together, we set out to explore the issue in some detail, looking at contamination trends, common mistakes, possible interventions and a number of success stories. With engagement from the live audience we could delve into topics through both audience polls and questions raised for the expert panel.