Feeling our way on the road to recovery

Blog from Dr Tracey Leghorn, Chief Human Resources Officer for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

When going back to work after a summer holiday, maternity leave or being off sick, it’s not unusual to have mixed feelings. After months of lockdown amid a pandemic that has turned lives upside down, those feelings can run to new extremes.

Some of our people have been ‘virtually’ hammering the office door to be allowed back in so they can pick up their work routine again. Others are hesitant and harbour various concerns. This group includes not just those who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus due to underlying health conditions or living with a family member at higher risk. Each individual’s feelings about returning to work reflects their own personal circumstances. We recognise there is a wide range of sentiment and anxiety that we need to understand. The support we provide and how we manage our people has to be sensitive to that.