25 AUGUST 2020

Will behaviour change be key to the success or failure of the circular economy?

Online, United Kingdom
From 25/08/2020 11:00:00 to 25/08/2020 12:30:00 local time
  • The circular economy requires all elements of the system to work together to successfully transition away from the traditional linear model – but is consumer behaviour and its ability to be influenced going to be the making or breaking of the circular economy?


    This webinar will explore how we can help encourage, support and morph consumers into the circular economy and inspire them to make the right choices sooner rather than later. Can the desired behaviours, habits and actions be forced through tax and penalties, be encouraged through incentives or will it happen naturally if the foundation conditions are right? And if so, what conditions must we help create?


    Our expert panel, drawn from different consumer engagement perspectives, will discuss if localism will drive local success, how we can effectively support consumers to make the right choices and what has worked to reduce contamination and drive better acceptance of circular economy solutions through greater consumer responsibility. We will consider lessons and learnings from the COVID-19 lockdown, and whether the increase in protective packaging and single use items will ultimately undermine the uptake in reusable and refillable solutions and slow the move towards the circular economy.

  • Speakers

    Chair: Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ Recycling and recovery UK

    Sarah Divall, Creative Co-ordinator, Hubbub

    Annette Dentith, Principal Waste Manager, Devon County Council

    Steve Bates, Behaviour Change Communications Expert

    Paul Irwin-Rhodes, SHE and External Affairs Manager, Greggs

    Claire Chu, Consultant, Eunomia Research & Consulting

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