Suffolk energy-from-waste facility - Heritage Open Days 2020

Online, United Kingdom
From 11/09/2020 14:00:00 to 12/09/2020 11:00:00 local time
  • Find out how we use Suffolk's waste to generate enough electricity to power 40,000 homes.


    Join us for a virtual tour of Suffolk’s award-winning energy-from-waste facility where you will be able to find out what happens to your non-recyclable waste after you put it in the bin.


    The Suffolk energy-from-waste facility is run in partnership by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Suffolk County Council and plays a big part in the sustainable management of waste in the county. The facility processes 295,000 tonnes of waste each year, putting it to good use by generating enough electricity to power 40,000 homes.


    The one-hour webinar will include:

    • A presentation about the facility and its role in managing Suffolk’s waste
    • A pre-recorded tour of the facility with live commentary
    • A live question and answer session with our speaker


    Attendees must register for the webinar in advance using the links below.


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