Energy from Waste Virtual

United Kingdom
From 10/03/2021 09:00:00 to 12/03/2021 16:00:00 local time
  • Sharing the very latest technical and market information and expertise, this three-day event has made a name for itself as the premier energy from waste conference.


    This year, three of our number are participating in the conference on some very key issues for the waste and resources sector:

    • John Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer, joins the ‘Leaders’ panel’ where discussions will look at how the CEOs of major companies in the industry see their business developing over the next ten years, what impact the drive to net zero may have on their businesses, and how the changing requirements could be turned into opportunities?
    • Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, contributes to a session taking a deep-dive into how waste is changing and what this means for providing feedstock to the waste to energy industry. The session will also explore the short term, post-COVID environment, and longer term trends and the implications of this for waste to energy operators.
    • In a session focusing on project delivery, Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, joins a panel exploring the factors that enabled certain recent projects to achieve successful consent, the lessons we can apply to other developments, and ways to engage and inform developers and community.
    • Where does energy from waste fit in the circular economy? How much capacity do we need, when do we need it by and how do we move the sector towards net zero? Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, chairs an expert panel as they explore what the industry could look like in the future - and what is needed to get there.
    • In a session which explores practical elements and financing structures on carbon capture and storage at EFW facilities, session chair Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director for SUEZ, explains the considerations undertaken during proposals for the first UK project: sited on our energy from waste plant at Teesside, due to become part of the ‘Net Zero Northeast’ cluster.
    • Throughout the pandemic, the waste to energy sector has continued to perform a vital function, and a number of new projects have reached financial close during this time. The lessons we can share in terms of system strengths and weaknesses, back-up and contingency planning, and risk management will be discussed by an expert panel, with Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, chairing proceedings and asking: which lessons can help the sector develop robustness and resilience going forward?
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