24 MARCH 2021

How to generate maximum social value through procurement and service delivery

From 24/03/2021 14:00:00 to 24/03/2021 15:00:00 local time
  • Social value is a term that has been with us in legislation since 2012, – but what is it and how do you incorporate this into your waste and resources management procurement and service delivery for best effect?


    Simply put, social value is the consideration and measurement of the impact of an organisations’ work from the perspective of those affected by its activities. It looks at the wholistic, systemic effect rather than the impact on a specific set of individuals. Attributed to things that are not commonly expressed in financial value, social value can be generated by businesses through the creation of jobs, preserving and enhancing biodiversity, and through supporting charities with its resources or direct donations. While this concept has been around since the early 1900’s, it is now growing in awareness and moving up the agenda at pace.


    This year, with changes to The Social Value Act (2012), new measures have been introduced to ensure that central government spending promotes the creation of jobs and skills, encourages economic growth and tackles climate change. This gives a clear signal from UK government at how it sees social value as a key instrument in driving a green and just recovery from Covid. The recently released model to support these changes is the first step in creating a clear set of standards and measures, creating consistency in application and in the delivery of social value through government spending, and delivering maximum benefit for all.


    Join this hour-long, live webinar for the chance to put your questions to our expert panel, featuring speakers from:

    • Eunomia – an independent consultancy dedicated to helping clients to achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes who will be sharing news of their latest publication
    • David Taylor from Greater Manchester Combined Authority – who shares an account of their process having incorporated over 50 social value commitments in their recent procurement
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value lead for SUEZ – who shares experiences from the waste contractor perspective and elaborates on the numerous opportunities for local authorities to meet their social value requirements by working with their waste and recycling firm.


    Gain understanding and insight as the panel explore how your public sector organisation might tender for, measure and deliver social value through their waste and recycling contracts, and take you through the key points included in their useful guide, including how to:

    • Define relevant social value criteria.
    • Ensure bidders create relevant and realistic proposals.
    • Use qualitative and quantitative assessments of bidder responses during the procurement process.
    • Monitor and measure delivery of social value during the contract.
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