20 MAY 2021

Rethinking Materials

From 20/05/2021 13:40:00 to 20/05/2021 14:40:00 local time
  • A two day event taking place on May 19-20 to uncover the latest circular and bio-based innovations and investment opportunities in plastics and packaging.


    On day two of the event, Dr Adam Read joins Burgess Scott Davis, VP, Global Sustainable Packaging and Sustainability Strategy, PEPSICO for a ‘fireside chat’ focusing on Extended Producer Responsibility and designing out waste upstream.


    Discussions will focus on key questions, including:

    • how designers are responding to the bio revolution,
    • what the role of design is in driving this area of innovation, and how can it better support research and development of bio alternatives to synthetic products
    • what are challenges when designing products with end of life in mind
    • how to strike the balance between creating products that are attractive to the consumer, while caring for planetary health,
    • what challenges are we seeing from materials that are biodegradable or compostable and what environmental impact are they having
    • what is the reality for brands adopting these materials
    • what level of testing and certification is required for these materials?


    Find out more at rethinkingmaterials.com.

  • Speakers

    Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
  • Find out more at rethinkingmaterials.com