26 MAY 2021

Consultations: The impact of Consistent Collections on Extended Producer Responsibility

United Kingdom
From 26/05/2021 10:30:00 to 26/05/2021 12:00:00 local time
  • Nearly two years after the initial round of packaging consultations, DEFRA published the first parts of the second phase of consultation documents on 24 March 2021, relating to extended producer responsibility (EPR) and a proposed deposit return scheme (DRS). Now, with the third and final piece of the policy jigsaw due to be released next week, we can finally start to get a more complete picture of the proposed changes to the English waste and resource management systems and services. The Consistent Collections Consultation provides the plans and proposals from DEFRA for more consistent kerbside collection of key materials to be collected from homes and businesses from 2024 onwards, the phasing in of new target materials (like flexibles), and the roll-out of food waste collections. With sight of these three policy proposals we should finally be able to fully comprehend the dramatic changes being proposed to our packaging waste management, our residual, and recycling services, targets and funding.


    The late release of the Consistent Collections consultation gives only a small number of weeks to understand its implications for the DRS and EPR consultation responses. Just how much will understanding of the consistent collections consultation impact on responses to the other sets of policies, and just how well do the plans for all these consultations fit together and deliver the desired outcomes will require detailed work and understanding.


    This 90-minute webinar brings together experts from across the sector to discuss, dissect and debate how the consistent collection consultation will impact the considerations of EPR and DRS and the consultation responses in England. Our expert panel will present their initial thoughts in light of the new consultation release, and should help provoke some audience thinking and engagement about areas of priority, concern and where attention from specific stakeholder groups might be most in need.


    As always, the panel will have plenty of time for questions from the audience, and polls will be used to gauge the interests, appetites and priorities of the audience. Don’t miss out on this final opportunity to reflect on what is important for your consultation responses.


    Suitable for anyone with responsibility for compiling any of the three consultations responses, this session will aim to cover issues with specific interest to local government, waste producers, and the waste management sector.

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