14 JULY 2021

Social value: what does good look like?

From 14/07/2021 14:00:00 to 14/07/2021 15:00:00 local time
  • In January 2021, changes were made to the Social Value Act 2012 to mandate the use of social value in contracts for central government organisations. This demonstrates the growing importance of, and focus on, delivering social value as a key pillar of the green recovery plans for the country.


    Following this legislative change, Eunomia and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK released a guide for local authorities, to assist and support them on their move to not only incorporating but maximising the social value of their environmental services. The guide, released in March 2021, makes a series of recommendations as to how social value may be incorporated through the stages of a contract life-cycle, and, through examples shared by local authorities and other parties actively delivering social value, shares insight and explanation of how this can be effectively delivered.


    Now, four-months further on, we bring together a panel for an informal and interactive webinar to explore how social value is being incorporated and delivered by local authorities. The panel will discuss the importance of encompassing social value into their organisational culture and the practicalities of delivery with accounts shared by local authority representatives.


    Free to attend, this one-hour webinar is aims to:

    • Provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities
    • Share practical examples of how to incorporate and deliver social value
    • Guide local authorities on how to unlock the social value opportunities through their waste and recycling, street cleansing and other environmental services.



    • A representative of the Local Government Association
    • Local authorities with experience of delivering social value through their waste and recycling
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
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