17 AUGUST 2021

COVID-19 | Maintaining operations during a pingdemic

United Kingdom
From 17/08/2021 14:00:00 to 17/08/2021 15:00:00 local time
  • As wave four of COVID-19 starts to wash over the country front-line service providers will continue to face challenges with regards to both staff shortages and potential site capacities, whether this be in retail, facilities management, or waste and resource management.


    So, how can we continue to provide and manage essential services during this fourth wave with minimal restrictions, and keep services running smoothly, in a ‘pingdemic’ when the emphasis on risk management has shifted to individuals and employers?


    Covering issues such as driver shortages, delayed and interrupted supply chains, storage issues and breaching permit capacities, plus concerns for those in the food supply network that food is going to be wasted as it cannot get to shops in time, while dealing with potential consumer kickbacks as choices become restricted. In the midst of the continuing effects of a global pandemic, we must also consider how Brexit is impacting the foundations of our services and business sectors, and restricting their ability to adapt and adjust to the pandemic’s challenges.


    Our expert panel will discuss the issues being faced by those managing with restricted resources while striving to deliver uninterrupted services across the UK. This informal and interactive session will feature audience polling and live Q&A to ensure your questions are addressed – register now for the chance to put your questions to the panel.

  • Speakers

    Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
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