28 APRIL 2022

Waste prevention - levers, policies, incentives and legislative reforms that could speed up our transition

United Kingdom
From 28/04/2022 10:00:00 to 28/04/2022 11:00:00 local time
  • With a Government consultation last year on the revised Waste Prevention Plan for England, and the recently launched DEFRA consultation on targets for the new Environment Act our free webinar session will look closely at policy leadership in the UK for waste prevention and minimisation at source.


    Is a target of reducing residual waste by 50% aspirational enough? And do we really need to rethink our targets and policies to drive down consumption and embrace more robust goods, products that be upgraded and repaired and packaging that can be removed or refilled?


    With an expert panel representing local government, consumer society, manufacturing and retail, this 60-minute session will look at what progress is already being made, where the best practice example exist, and what we can all do to move the bar in terms of waste avoidance, both in terms of reducing waste and in reducing emissions associated with its management.


    We expect to cover a range of items and materials, from packaging to electricals, from furniture to refill. Exploring what is affordable, who is willing to pay and how we can support the whole value chain in aligning behind the best approach.


    By bringing the value chain together, we expect to be able to identify possible levers, policies, incentives and legislative reforms that could speed up our transition to waste prevention giving it the prominence it needs in terms of waste management policy and practice. A large proportion of our webinar will be devoted to a Q&A session when we will be ready to answer the questions from the audience, so please register and get your questions raised.

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