10 JUNE 2022

Creating a circular economy through reuse and repair

United Kingdom
From 10/06/2022 10:00:00 to 10/06/2022 11:00:00 local time
  • A circular economy is just that, an economy, where people can and should earn a wage equal with their skill and contribution, where businesses can trade and undertake their activities on a level playing field and where the wider societal benefits of climate change and resource consumption reduction are correctly valued in the financial flows. Moving re-use from the margins of the economy to its centre is fundamental and underpins the industrialisation of its activities.


    Changing our systems, attitudes and behaviours is essential to keep products and materials in use longer. The changes are necessary. From materials and design to use, maintenance and repair - they are many in number and some will be challenging in scope and adoption, but all are important to enable items to live multiple life cycles.


    We have lessons to learn, new innovations to deliver, new systems and processes to introduce, but we are on our way, learning quickly and making plans to improve, to expand and to make re-use as fundamental a component of how we manage resources as collecting recyclables is today.


    With an expert suite of panellists to throw some light on the above topic, we will be able to reflect on the evolution of re-use, circular economy and the changes needed for its adoption in this 60-minute webinar.


    The panel

    • Chaired by Dr Adam Read, SUEZ
    • Chris Stephenson, Environcom
    • Martine Postma, Repair Network
    • Sarah Ottaway, SUEZ


    Join our free webinar and hear from experts from across the evolving re-use sector to discuss the opportunities, risks and challenges of re-use within the circular economy.

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