Hopes and aspirations for 2023

United Kingdom
From 01/02/2023 10:00:00 to 01/02/2023 11:00:00 local time
  • Due to the absence of key policy measures on waste prevention, consistent collections, and Extended Producer Responsibility, the ongoing issues of emissions trading schemes and persistent organic pollutants have been brought into sharp focus for the waste sector. We start a new year with new hope that these key aspects will be addressed amid both climate and cost of living crises.


    The waste sector has been increasing its contribution to reducing carbon emissions, delivering new green skills and jobs, creating social value and facilitating the movement of resources up the waste hierarchy and away from a linear model of consumption. Although the efforts made are commendable, to be able to meet our 2050 targets, greater effort and resources across the entire value chain are required, while relying on many moving pieces being co-ordinated with or without a plan.


    In this webinar we aim to shed some light on the expectations from government policy reforms and how the next 12 months look for the waste sector. Join the debate with a range of insights and perspectives from our expert panellists as we discuss where the opportunities and challenges lie, what pieces need to move into place, and what’s on their ‘to do’ lists for 2023 and beyond

  • Speakers

    • Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer, SUEZ
    • Tracy Sutton, Founder and Lead Consultant, ROOT
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead, SUEZ
    • Vicki Burrell, Vice Chairperson, LARAC
    • Dr. Anna Willetts, Partner, Gunnercooke
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